Side hustle ideas to consider during December

For those fortunate enough to have holiday plans this year, whether going away or staying at home, there is an opportunity to be realised through harnessing the power of fibre internet access and implementing side hustle ideas.

Being online creates options for education, spending time with far-away friends and building businesses to generate additional income. Consequently, it takes time to research and decide on the best side-hustle idea. Still, a side hustle idea for everyone connected to the world wide web needs to be uncovered. Once a side hustle idea gets revealed, it should be guided by passion, cost-effectiveness and understanding of what is being sold.

Planning is essential in laying a good foundation for any side-hustle idea. As a result remember that generating income from something new overnight and without vision is a fallacy. 

Our top side hustle ideas

1. Build an online shop

Online shop side hustle idea
Build an online shop

E-commerce platforms like Ecwid are quick, easy solutions to launch an online store. Subsequently, users can get going within a few days and generate sales within a few months from this side hustle idea. In addition education is vital to understand the platform’s ins and outs. Therefore, take time to go through online resources like knowledgebases or YouTube videos. Ecwid has integrated marketing tools that assist in promoting products through popular social media platforms which removes a lot of guesswork about how these ad platforms work. 

Users can sell side hustle ideas that are tangible goods, with local freight company integration for deliveries or e-goods that customers download through this versatile commerce platform.

What to sell online for your side hustle idea

White labelling is a popular global trend for side hustle ideas whereby manufacturers and wholesalers have made goods available to any buyer. From cosmetics to clothing, there are many tangible products to choose from that can be branded with any logo. These white-label product options are available in South Africa so importing goods is not a concern.

White label products and sell online

First, search on Google for the different options, purchase test kits first and use them yourself and give some away as samples. Lastly, make sure you choose a reputable supplier of white-label goods to maintain your reputation and keep your side hustle idea alive.

2. Use Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

If selling tangible goods seems daunting, digital platforms that can be rebranded and resold may be the answer to your side hustle idea.

Software-as-a-service are digital products that can be white-labelled and sold under a new brand. These online or digital products include email marketing platforms and lead generation engines but many more exist. Browse through various SaaS options on sell-saas.

You may have yet to come across many locally developed choices, but that is the beauty of the internet; it’s boundaryless and digital side hustle ideas can be run from anywhere.

3. Develop an online course

Packaging content teaching others to do what you do is a great side hustle idea. So, if you are a graphic designer, build a step-by-step instructional course on creating a great logo and sell it online as a downloadable product or through a platform like Udemy. Additionally, other course ideas include baking, cooking, sewing, planting a veggie garden or teaching how to draw. Markedly, a popular course with global reach is teaching foreigners how to speak English. In any event, whatever you know to be valuable and can be transferred as a skill, turn it into a side hustle idea others will pay for. 

Online courses are very popular

A brief side hustle idea plan

1. Decide on the type of product for your side hustle idea

First, choose what type of product you want to market and sell. Will the product be tangible goods that need to be delivered to customers, or will the side hustle idea be intangible or electronic that can be downloaded or emailed? Whatever product you choose, ensure it is something you enjoy, as you will sell more effectively when you like the side hustle idea you are selling.

2. The target market

Secondly, decide who this product is for and try to get inside their heads. Decide what this potential customer is thinking, saying, doing and feeling daily and identify the need or pain point they have that you can solve with your side hustle idea.

3. Where to sell

When brainstorming your side hustle idea, decide which avenue where to sell is most convenient and affordable. Will it be through an e-commerce website or a local flea market stall? How will customers gain access to your product?

4. Branding

Standing out in a visually appealing way is really important for a side hustle idea. If a professional designer is too costly, use a tool like Canva and select pre-made logo designs to brand your product, website and adverts.

5. Marketing your product

It is always best to start with friends and family and test how your product performs, gaining insight from their feedback to refine your side hustle idea. Generate traffic to your website, capture leads, and follow up with those interested in your offer. After refining the products, move onto platforms like Google or Facebook ads to make people aware of your product and close those deals.