If you are not sure what to do, please call our Mission Control Center on 0876 100 500 and they will be more than willing to help answer all your questions. They're experts, let them make your life easier and handle all the complicated bits for you. You are welcome to ask them anything related to our services.
Yes. You are able to port your existing telephone number to RocketNet. Alternatively we can supply you with a new number. Our low call rates could save you up to 50% monthly.
Homeowners can expect an increase in property value. This has been evident in the UK and US markets. You will also have the benefit of enhanced security services as well as a richer internet entertainment experience. The installation of fibre should be viewed as a home improvement and is a once off cost.
Yes, RocketNet offers both FTTH and FTTB services and will refer you to our Fibre to the Business crew to help you get started. Send an email inquiry to [email protected] and one of our FTTB Sales staff will reach out to you.
We offer 3 types of routers to choose from, please contact us to request your router upgrade at the below once off cost (inc VAT).

Tenda F3 – Included Free on all Packages  (Our gift to you)
Tenda AC6 – R400 Once off Charge (Recommended for 20 to 50Mbps)
Tenda AC10 – R550 Once Off Charge (Recommended for 100Mbps and Above)
Alternatively use your own router and receive R200 credit on your account.
If you choose to change your ISP most likely that your current ISP will offer you an email only service which means you can subscribe to a service from them that only offers email access (inbound emails). We do however recommend that you sign-up for a free Gmail account which will be your free email address for life, regardless of which service provider you use. TIP: Put an auto reply on your existing email address directing contacts to your new email address. Own a business domain, why not use SMTP2Go to send up to 1000 free emails, your IT would need to guide you through a few steps to get this up and running.
If you are in a RocketNet Fibre ready area and fibre is currently in your estate, activated and live. We estimate 2 to 3 weeks depending on the complexity of the build into your unit/home. N.B - We cannot guarantee the delivery period of Fibre, so please do not cancel services until your fibre has been installed, tested and working.
In some cases you will be required to pay an installation fee to kickstart the process. Other Fibre Network Operators may conduct a site survey whereby they will quote you directly before commencing with the Fibre installation. Once the fibre service is up and running, the ONT installed and your router is connected then we will send the account to billing to start your recurring billing with us. An activation charge and pro-rata billing may apply.
All Fibre junction boxes or Optical Network Terminal equipment will always remain the property of the respective Fibre Network Operator and should the equipment be damaged or removed from the property then the Fibre Network Operator & RocketNet will invoice you for the replacement/re-installation of the device. The RocketNet supplied Modem/Router will become yours after 6 months from the date of service activation.
Yes, you have to agree with our terms and conditions when you place an order with us. You can find it HERE.
RocketNet offers month to month contracts for all our prospective customers and have in the past tried to cover many costs which may not be visible to the end user. While some ISP's choose to not charge their end users for these upfront costs, some may be hiding these fees in their T&C's and keeping the customer on their network for a set amount of time to recover these operational costs. RocketNet's network has been built with the best possible end user experience in mind. We have over the past three years only had one increase across the board and we have recently had to increase Octotel & Vumatel pricing due to the FNO's increasing their service rates to all of their partners.
Please note that this will be FNO dependent and will be billed accordingly. All FNO's do charge an installation fee and can be quoted.
Please note that there is a difference between an activation fee and installation fee. Each FNO will bill the ISP (RocketNet) directly when installing a new line into the clients premises (installation fee) and the ISP will again be billed when the clients service is activated on the network (activation fee).
Unfortunately the ONT may not be removed as this has been allocated to the premises and has been configured accordingly by both the ISP & FNO. Please note that should the ONT be taken off the registered property then the customer will be charged a new installation fee to replace the removed equipment. The removed property cannot be reused at another premises.
Please note that RocketNet will not be able to provide a service while the other ISP is still provisioned on the line. RocketNet will only be able to place an order and have the FNO provision your line once your old ISP has cancelled all services and the line is made available. This sometimes can be co-ordinated so there is minimal downtime at the end of each month.
RocketNet values all our customers and appreciates the countless referrals we have received over the past three years in helping us build a great network. We believe that we should open up the world of the internet for all our customers, so that they are able to use the limitless abilities and feel as passionately about the technology as we are. For that reason we don't currently incentivize any of our customers for referring customers to our network as we want customers to truly believe in what we stand for and not feel incentivized by monetary gain.
Every Fiber Network Operator(FNO's) have different SLA terms, where some FNO's outright don't offer any credit and others will take the request on a case by case basis. Kindly refer to https://www.rocketnet.co.za/fibre-network-slas/ for the latest SLA terms.
No, RocketNet do not offer any domains/web hosting services, however you are welcome to contact our business division for assistance.
RocketNet will not manipulate your download/upload rate if you reach a certain threshold. Meaning you can fully enjoy our network at the best possible speed without deliberate interference from your ISP (internet service provider).
RocketNet is able to help guide you, however it is not always possible to send our own resources to your household. Should this be a requirement then we can quote you for a dedicated resource to visit your premises and assist you with your exact needs.
When your line is activated on a month to month contract with your ISP, we as the ISP liaise with the Fibre Network Operator to provision your household and the FNO locks down your service to your choice of ISP. We as the ISP is charged by the FNO for the line rental regardless if the line is used or not, until such time that a calendar month's notice is given to cancel the services with your ISP, you will be deemed in contract and liable for services.
Where possible RocketNet will clearly indicate if a service is currently running under Promo conditions. Our FNO's also have promotions running from time to time offering great deals, we suggest that you reach out to one of our support agents who will be able to advise if there are any promotions currently running.
Currently RocketNet does not offer any LTE services. We may review this offering in the future if the need becomes apparent.
Unfortunately not as we need to cancel your current account with the relevant FNO at your current address and apply for a new service with the FNO at the new premise. Please note that due to your address changing RocketNet you may be liable for new installation and activation at the new premises.
All RocketNet fibre packages are based on a month to month agreement. We will inform our customers in advance if any prices are due to be increased and apply the increase in line with the said notice period.
Unfortunately not. RocketNet does not offer any Pre-Paid services and as such we do require a calendar months notice to terminate your current service agreement otherwise you will be charged for the active services.
I did not pay for last month's service, however I have paid for this month's service and the rejection fee. When your line is activated with the Fibre Network Operator it is provisioned for your household and locked down to your choice of ISP. We as the ISP is charged for the line rental regardless if the line is used or not, until such time that notice is given to cancel the services with your ISP you will be deemed in contract and liable for all services.
RocketNet may offer services on new FNO's network in the future. If your area is currently not covered by RocketNet but you would like to show your interest in our services, then kindly reach out to our support staff who can assist you by logging the interest on our website. We will then reach out in the future notifying you that we now offer services in your area.
Yes, RocketNet now enables our prospective customers to navigate to our Coverage Map, enter your desired location and our mapping tool will display if your area is covered by FTTH coverage.
RocketNet is reliant on our Fiber Network Operator (FNO's) terms and conditions. As part of these conditions we require a calendar months' notice for change of service. Upgrades are free, however downgrades are chargeable.
Each International location rates differ and are updated from time to time. You are welcome to request this from the support agent when you sign-up for our voice services, we will be more than happy to share the rates with you, or if you have a specific number that you want us to check, you are welcome to share this with our support agent who will be able to check what rates we offer to the afforementioned destination.
RocketNet is able to submit a port out request on your behalf, we will submit a port out if we have an accepted quote and have received a copy of your Voice providers statement clearly showing the account number and telephone number/s in question. We also require a porting permission letter giving us permission to port your number over to us. We will then engage with the Voice provider porting team and provide you with feedback when we receive an accepted port out request. Some voice providers are more responsive than others and can accept the port out with a day or two, however we ask that you give us 5 to 7 working days to resolve the port out request for you.
We do have a business Whatsapp (beta) account where we are able to send you your login details, we also have an sms service available on our new customer portal, in the event where Whatsapp is not available. Our telephone lines are also active as per our operating hours where one of our support agents will happily guide you with the information you need.
Certain FNO's do charge a downgrade fee, and in some cases an upgrade fee. we will be as transparent as possible in making you aware of these costs.
Please note that the new customer portal (launchpad) will not allow a customer to complete the sign-up process if non valid banking details are supplied. Customers are welcome to make use of our Pay Now facility.
Imagine your house walls were made of frosted glass. If I were to go stand in another room and shine a flashlight, you'd be able to see my light. If we used Morse code, I'd even be able to send you a message. That's what wifi is, light… And it can go through walls like a flashlight can go shine through the cheeks if you had to put the flashlight in your mouth. The reason you get poor coverage is more than likely to do with what is directly between you and the light. Maybe there's glare on the wall, confusing your computer. Or it could be that your neighbour's WiFi is brighter than yours, and therefore interfering with your signal all the time. Another interesting fact, WiFi can talk to one device at a time, like a walkie talkie, so if you have wifi repeaters and 3 or 4 devices trying to stream, each device has to wait to talk to the main wifi router, hence dropping the speed and causing issues. The router can only transmit as fast as the slowest connection. Meaning wifi will be slower for you in the bedroom if another family member is across the house with a bad connection. Most of the time you won't notice, except for when you do. Oh, you want to know what a/b/g/n/ac means? It's a code for talking between your computer and router. That's pretty much it…
How your WiFi signal might be affected: We find that in most cases, the WiFi is slower than the fibre connection due to signal strength and distance from the WiFi device. WiFi is susceptible to countless environmental factors. Walls, depending on the thickness, will degrade your wireless signal and lower your speed. The neighbours wireless devices usually interfere with the signal, as well as microwaves, cordless phones, and nearby routers using the same channel. Christmas lights and other LED's can degrade the signal, as well as human bodies as WiFi cant move through water, and the sun and solar flares. All of these factors result in inconsistent and slow performance.