Online platforms we use and highly recommend

Online platforms and tools have improved the rate at which things get done. Mostly, they are reasonably priced compared to the efficiency they provide, which positively impacts productivity in our personal and business lives.

Artificial intelligence is becoming more easily adopted and depended on by the human race. However, the tech adoption rate mustn’t be to humanity’s demise. Users of must take caution, not allowing these digital tools to think for us. We should think for the online platforms, bending their power to our will and benefit. 

Some of the platforms that proved handy through the mad rush of 2022, added value and were affordable have made it onto this list. Most importantly, these online platforms provided the freedom to address more critical and pressing matters.

Best online platforms we have used

1. 1Password

Online platform 1 password

This online platform is a password manager tool with clout. It is simple to use, cheap, dynamic in its product delivery and always seems to work.

The platform generates and stores unbreakable passwords. From the tool, users can log into sites with a single click. Furthermore, this online platform auto-fills online forms securely and speedily by cryptically propagating forms with user information.  

Credit card information can be loaded onto the tool and used to make online payments as a digital wallet that proves your identity. Users can securely share any information stored in 1Password with selected family members.

2. Ubersuggest

Online platform ubersuggest

As a tech company, RocketNet ensures its website provides valuable information relevant to what browsers and customers are searching for within our industry. 

Consequently, we create high-quality content with relevant keywords readers type into search engines. Furthermore, content gets formatted in a way that is easy for Google to index and that ranks with its algorithm over time. It can be a tricky balance, but the final goal is the content must be value-adding to the reader.

To ensure we meet our ranking targets and are SEO (search engine optimisation) compliant, we use Ubersuggest. It’s a fantastic tool for creating content that must rank with Google. Some of the best attributes of this online platform are the following.

Keyword research 

The online platform provides essential information about keywords to use in an article. Users can search for any keyword or phrase they want to write about from within Ubersuggest. Ubersuggest offers necessary information on metrics like the difficulty of ranking for a keyword. 

Competitor analysis

This online platform allows users to generate reports on competitors’ keyword performance. Significantly a writer can target alternative words to avoid direct rivalry and outperform competitors on words not yet used but still getting a fair amount of monthly searches.

3. Canva


We are not a design company but use striking images for our blog posts that speak to the copy and keep a reader’s attention. 

Canva is a powerful online design platform. This online platform provides users with multiple tools to create captivating digital design assets. RocketNet uses the available tools only for stock images, of which there is an abundance.

We could purchase a stock image account from another platform. However, the price compared to Canva doesn’t justify it for what RocketNet needs. In addition to stock images, users can add text, remove backgrounds and resize the photos to need. Also, the image size is generally relatively small without losing resolution, which is critical for website speed. 

To reduce image sizes even further, JPEGmini Pro is a fantastic tool that deserves an honourable mention.


Although this online platform is not an internal management system used at RocketNet, it has proven valuable in managing more minor projects.

The highlight of this online platform is customisation. Users can arrange their projects in any way they like swapping out functionality as needed. It is the most customisable online platform available on the market today. makes managing, assigning and following up on projects and associated tasks straightforward and fun! Users can set up auto-responders using conditional logic and manage mundane tasks like time-capturing for accountability reporting. 

Online platforms are powerful.

Online platforms offering value bridge the digital divide allowing smaller businesses and entrepreneurs to quickly adapt to the digital age with confidence, where being online is critical to survival.