Gaming chairs in South Africa ranked

The argument for owning a high-quality gaming chair

Gaming chairs are worth the investment for those diehards spending copious amounts of time wearing down their remote control thumb pads or the bearings in their mouse wheel. So, we have gaming chairs in South Africa ranked at the end of this article to assist with the right chair for you.

Nowadays, gaming is a sport, and injuries are genuine, so gamers must consider the effects of gaming on their health. When slogging away at your online enemy, lumbar support and posture are among the most critical considerations for avoiding injury. As a result, purchasing an ergonomically designed chair for your gaming setup keeps bodies happy and improves game performance.

What to look for in a great gaming chair in South Africa

A well-designed gaming chair can address poor sitting habits teaching your body to self-correct its posture as you game through the night.

You want a medically endorsed gaming chair fit for back and lumbar support. Consequently, many gaming chairs fail to provide long-term comfort and adjustable features undergirded by high-quality manufacturing. As a result, it is worthwhile researching ergonomic office chairs before deciding where best to rest your rump. 

Ergonomic office chairs make for great gaming chairs

Authentic injuries

Ergonomic gaming chairs possess features ensuring the ideal seating position. If you sit for hours, an ergonomically designed gaming chair supports your posture. If you use just any chair, like a dining room chair, you risk repetitive strain injuries caused by over-extended computer use. 

Interestingly other injuries related to bad posture and intensified pressure on intervertebral discs are spinal degeneration and harm to nerves and blood vessels in the spine. These injuries lead to lower back or upper back pain when people hunch their shoulders immersed in epic gaming sessions.

gaming chairs in south africa injuries
Gamer injuries are real

Did someone say Kinematics?

The ideal gaming chair should be flexible in the seat and backrest for side-to-side and back-to-forward movements. Markedly an ergonomically designed gaming chair gets fitted with a ’tilt range’ and Kinematics. To explain, kinematics is a function of the gaming chair imitating the body’s natural pivot points, transferring body weight away from your spine and to the backrest, keeping you comfy. All functioning gaming chair elements should be adjustable, including the armrests, seat and headrest. These are the three main points of support.

Keep it real with the look and feel.

Aesthetics should be an afterthought to sturdiness, ergonomics, and customization. Although you want a chair that ties in with your gaming ecosystem’s look and feel, keep your spine top of your mind before clicking ‘buy now’.

The best gaming chairs, according to

We researched gaming chairs and found the most comprehensive article from PC Gamer on the best chairs in the market. Below, we have summarised their rankings of the best gaming chairs on the market. Note not all these gaming chairs may be available in South Africa.

Best Gaming chairs in South Africa ranked