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5G Speed and Surveillance

5G and the evolution of mobile internet connection

One can only imagine the technological possibilities of 5G when understanding the history leading up to its deployment. So, let’s dive into the evolution of mobile network connectivity to appreciate the power 5G offers in a modern-day world. The first generation First generation (1G) mobile internet got introduced in Japan in 1979 by Nippon Telegraph and…
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Digital Payments in South Africa and how to use them safely

Digital payments and how they work

With the Fourth Industrial Revolution here, consequently we are becoming cashless societies and technological advancement in purchasing goods and services has evolved. For most consumers there’s a growing trend toward electronic payment platforms firstly for convenience and secondly for safety reasons. Therefore, companies are rapidly deploying new technologies and becoming increasingly innovative in processing customer…
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RocketNet Security Banner

How to avoid being tracked online by tech companies and hackers

As human beings, our privacy (including how to avoid being tracked online) and personal boundaries are inexplicably linked to our human dignity, independence, and freedom.  Privacy and deciding who to let in and when are critical to being separate from others and maintaining self-determination.  Trust is the foundation of all lasting and healthy relationships, and…
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What is the cloud and how to make the most of it

What is the cloud in a computing context?

I’m sure at this stage of the digital evolution you know a little bit about what the cloud is, and hopefully your grandmother has heard of the term too.

How to create a strong password and keep your digital profiles safe

How to create a strong password and keep hackers at bay

If you want to know how to create a strong password and keep your digital profiles safe, then you are on the right blog.