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How RocketNet Fibre ISP cut customer support times by 75% and boosted customer satisfaction – CASE STUDY

The Challenge Handling high call volumes and subscriber misinformation Like many ISPs, RocketNet continually faces high volumes of WiFi-related calls, especially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Founder and CEO Simon Swanepoel, almost 80% of support calls from customers are for internal WiFi issues like interference or poor coverage. “We’re looking at…
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Internet service providers & choosing the best one for you banner

Internet service providers & choosing the best one for you

Are you grappling with which internet service provider to choose? Finding yourself grappling with the decision about which fibre internet service providers to choose from? In this blog, we highlight some helpful key points to hopefully make that decision a little easier. 1. Check the availability of your potential ISP You’ve heard the phrase ‘Location!…
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ISP Versus FNO

Fibre internet service provider versus the fibre network operator.

Internet service provider verse the fibre network operator. There can be confusion between what an internet service provider (ISP) does versus what a fibre network operator (FNO) does. Who is responsible for what when it comes to bringing a rocket-fuelled internet experience into your home? Allow us to explain, to put you in the picture.…
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